Thursday, July 11, 2013

it's a first

On an interview with my adviser during the first day of enrollment, she asked: why did you choose HRM? Well, all I said was “it is fun”. For further explanation, I took this course because I know it will take me somewhere. And sure it did.
Aside from all the food we will be preparing, I also love the travels. And just in a span of three semesters, I have been to a lot of places because of school. The furthest and the most memorable, yet, was just this summer.
Because we had our housekeeping subject last semester and It requires us to have our OJT, we went with an onboard training with 2GO ships. The trip has a lot of first time.
It was my first time to ride a ship. It was also my first time to go out of Mindanao. How unbelievable was that? LOL. After our on board training, we then went to Manila and boy was it a dream come true.
The feeling was just over the top. Coming a place where super tall buildings are not so common, I was really fascinated by the height of the buildings there.

 we arrived in Manila around 8:30 pm. I am both tired and excited!
The next  morning we went to the Luneta Park. It was really Clean and Beautiful.

Of course why leave such a Beautiful park without some (amateur) blogger poses. LOL

on our way to our seminar in MIHCA i saw CCP. it was another dream come true!

i also saw the Manila Bay Yacht Club, it was super cool!

After a whole day of seminars,what better way to end it by shopping at The SM Mall of Asia! It was really uber huge! and the sunset was breathtaking.

Also a highlight of our trip here in Manila was the Enchanted Kingdom. it was super fun and as you have noticed, i wore two different set of clothes because in the middle of the fun and all, it rained super hard and instead of just staying inside the covered court, we decided to play in the rain and we really enjoyed it!

This trip had a lot of first time. hopefully, this trip would not be my last. Really cant wait to visit Manila again soon!

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