Friday, September 27, 2013

veges plus sweets

yesterday we had our culinary arts laboratory and we cooked the winning recipe, the fish kare-kare and leche flan.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Artistic Cooking

last week we had our culinary arts laboratory. this time we cooked Chicken Cordon Blue, Dessert Crepe and Celery Soup. it was the longest laboratory we have conducted. however, we learned a lot.thanks to our ever lovely teacher ma'am Angel!


3 days is not enough when you visit such a beautiful place. however, i am planning to come back and have my OJT there. now enough talking and ill do the sharing.
on our 3rd and last day in Cebu, we had a Tour Guiding Seminar by Dr. Lupangco. i really enjoyed it and ofcourse i learned a lot.
our first destination of the day was Radisson Blu Hotel. it was really majestic. greatfull enough, we had a chance to visit their rooms and other amenities.

now i would like to give my over flowing thanks to WORLD OF ADVENTURES TRAVEL AND TOURS and to our Tourism Teacher Ma'am Bea. THANK YOU for making all this happen. thank you also Mom!!

code: WHITE

one of the highlights of this years Tourism tour is the bohemian all-white beach party ( am i right?). basically its all-white!

its my first time to attend an all-white beach party so i wore this. the top is from my mom, pants(turned to shorts) borrowed from my aunt, hat form Cebu and sandals from Oxygen.

it was held at Bluewaters Maribago. it was really a night to remember!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


our second day in Cebu City was the most memorable if i may say!

since i wasn't able to check the pool the other night, i decided to take pictures early in the morning. it was located at the 6th floor and the view was nice. 
before leaving the hotel, i made sure to take some pics in the vanity wall.

we also visited the Taoist Temple

we then went to the Kart Zone. even though the go cart was not fit for my long legs(as if), i still enjoyed it. promise i'll comeback here!

we had our lunch here and it was delicious. they also have unlimited Halo-halo!
ahh! dont even know what to say!!

 our last destination of the day was Maribagu Blue waters, it was all filipino inspired from the rooms to the restaurants.