Saturday, October 11, 2014

sweet dreams

What better way to spend our last laboratory in Banquet Class than in our pajamas, eating and watching a movie. Sounds fun and exciting right? Well it actually was. We got to flaunt our best night wear and brought some stuff toys to go with it. It was not the typical culminating activity where you dressed up and party. We opted for something new and fun. What made it more interesting is that we did it at lunch time. Thank God the weather was cloudy and the so it appeared like it was night time. Sit back (in this case lay down) and enjoy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Typical Sunday

Mall Life

During the Le Maste Congress, I got the chance to join the Photojournalism contest and the theme  for the first round was Mall Life. Here are some of my shots..

Le Maste

The Tuxedo Institute of the Philippines presents the LeMaste: 1st Philippine Leadership Masters Congress 2014. It gathered young leaders all over the Philippines to hear talks from the country’s top personalities. It was really history being made. It was a privilege to be part of it.

Ms. Korina Sanchez
 Ms Lourdez Puna - Nestle Phil
Rene Salud - Fashion Designer
 Mark Ruiz - Hapinoy Inc
 Reese Ruiz - Rags2Riches
 Catherine deLeon - Cebu Pacific
 Naureen Bautista - Institute for Social Enterprise 
 Osep Reyes - Culture Shock Ph
Marcelo Santos III