Thursday, July 18, 2013

GAAP '13

First and for most, GAAP stands for General Assembly and Acquaintance Party! This is One of the events that Ive been looking forward to. Its because you can dress up and have fun during the Acquaintance party.
Just yesterday our Vice Governor of the Executive Council texted me. i was in the middle of my panic mode because it was our preliminary exam in statistics 32 that same afternoon. well he said it was something important so i went to him ASAP. And to my surprise, he informed me that i was chosen to be one of the host for the General Assembly. I don't know if it was a good news or a bad one. well, until now i still cant believe it. I mean the whole College will be there and i haven't been in a hosting position since forth year high school. So, all i have to do now is pray and practice. Don't worry i will post photos of booth the General Assembly and Acquaintance Party!

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