Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The whole world was stunned when Beyonce posted a photo on instagram with her hair cut short.

 Days before the photo was posted, it was all over the news that Beyonce’s hair got stuck on one of the stage fans in her show in Montreal. I watched videos on YouTube on why Queen B made her hair short. Some said it was the stuck-in-a-fan incident and some said that because she’s a mother to Blue Ivy and she needed to cut it short. No matter what the reason she still look oh so gorgeous in her new hair. 

after i saw he photos of  The New Beyonce Haircut, I really need to blog it! This is  self-reinvention awesomeness!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

queen bee

i went to a local book store to look for  magazines ( back issues-the only magazines i can afford). i found nothing special on the local magazine shelf so i went to check out the foreign ones and taaadaaah i saw this!
it was really an impulse buy! its VOGUE magazine you know plus its BEYONCE on the cover!
i felt no regret on buying it (even though it was kinda expensive for a guy like me) mainly because its VOGUE and its an inch thick!LOL!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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i breath oxygen

again, due to my boredom and all, i browsed through clothing websites and found my all time favorite OXYGEN ! here are some of their campaign ads which i absolutely love! enjoy!

you can also visit their stores and be fashionable!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

i got so bored thats why i started checking out online stores and i found the famous ZALORA.COM.PH ! i enjoyed browsing its pages! with all the shoes and bags ( for men) which is on sale makes me wanna buy one! however, i never tried buying stuffs online but maybe soon guys! i save up first so i can have my online shopping vigorously LOL!


when i was in my early teens, i have been dreaming of becoming an interior designer. before i would rearrange our living room and bed room and sometimes put crazy things that i thought would make my designs beautiful. i ended up being laughed at by people and told me i was just messing the place up.
then i realized that taking up interior design would cost a fortune and there's no school near our place that offers it so being an interior designer is kinda unreachable.

due to my desperation to find the game "sims 3" to feed my interior design hunger, i found this app on google store. this is my new addiction now!! it really relaxes me! you can check my designs!
i will post some photos in the days to come

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

black and white

Its all over the blogging world guys, black and white is super in this season! all the top bloggers i've been following is posting outfits in black and white tone. visit them here , here and  here . Preview magazine also had there special trend report on this. unfortunately its been raining cats and dogs here in Mindanao so I haven't took photos of me wearing black and white, i decide to make it an art excited ( or so i think). LOL.

and this is what boredom makes me!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

a blast from the past

Time really fly so fast. Just yesterday it was July and now I'm already welcoming August. Well, even though my "month" is over, I ended it naman with a bang! Just what I told you guys on my last post, I am one of the hosts of the Acquaintance Party of our department. And the Experience was unforgettable.
That feeling when you do a certain thing and you really dont have an idea what the out come would be? well, it happened last night. it was my first time to host such a huge event(well, i hosted the gen.ass but it was a different thing). I am not afraid of the people inside the gym but the thing that scares me was the fact that people could say really mean things to you because you did not exceed their expectation as a host. But, my partner and I decided that we just be spontaneous and enjoy the moment and I did.
thats me guys!!look!
the theme was all vintage so i came up with this. The polo and the pants are both from my LOLO. the shoes is also vintage which my brother gave me and the hat is mine!hehe! You can see that my polo is not in my size so i wore a grab-a-tee shirt inside so my ABS wont show!LOL
here is my ever pretty partner Ms. Jenross Talaroc
now, i apologize for the quality! its my classmates fault!hahah!

it was really a night that i will always rememe