Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hello guys! i know its been a while since my last post. i've been busy with school (as if). LOL. anyways, last week was amazing. we went to the famous Cebu City for an Educational Field trip. it was in connection with our Tourism 2 class. for the longest time i was dreaming of going to Cebu and see its tourist spots and of course the hotels. well, it was really a dream come true.
i was my first time to ride a boat to cebu and in the economy class. it wasn't that bad. the time we got inside the boat the cameras started clicking.

our first hotel to visit was the Waterfront Hotel and Casino Lahug. it was just awesome you guys. elegance and beauty all at the same time. 

we were ask to wear our corporate attire since its a 4-star hotel and we dont want to look pipitsugin when we tour around the hotel.

during our ocular tour around the hotel, we visited the ambassador club where VIP's stay and they also have their own lounge, how cool is that?

now, this was the view from the room. you can almost see the entire Cebu City.
meet our tour guide around the hotel, miss Lala. isn't she lovely?

 the lobby was really majestic!
after the tour, we then had our snack and it was delicious!

they also have this awesome Gourmet walk where different restaurants from Chinese to Italian are all lined-up. 

after Waterfront, we then went to Crown Regency to watch a 4D movie. it was really fun. our last stop for the day was the Magellan's Cross, which i dont have pictures!LOL. Day 1 was just fantastic!

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