Thursday, August 1, 2013

a blast from the past

Time really fly so fast. Just yesterday it was July and now I'm already welcoming August. Well, even though my "month" is over, I ended it naman with a bang! Just what I told you guys on my last post, I am one of the hosts of the Acquaintance Party of our department. And the Experience was unforgettable.
That feeling when you do a certain thing and you really dont have an idea what the out come would be? well, it happened last night. it was my first time to host such a huge event(well, i hosted the gen.ass but it was a different thing). I am not afraid of the people inside the gym but the thing that scares me was the fact that people could say really mean things to you because you did not exceed their expectation as a host. But, my partner and I decided that we just be spontaneous and enjoy the moment and I did.
thats me guys!!look!
the theme was all vintage so i came up with this. The polo and the pants are both from my LOLO. the shoes is also vintage which my brother gave me and the hat is mine!hehe! You can see that my polo is not in my size so i wore a grab-a-tee shirt inside so my ABS wont show!LOL
here is my ever pretty partner Ms. Jenross Talaroc
now, i apologize for the quality! its my classmates fault!hahah!

it was really a night that i will always rememe

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